Rock of Hope Counseling

Vision for the health of individuals, couples and families is a driving force for Rock of Hope Counseling. To pursue mental and emotional health can be an intimidating and imposing journey. I desire to assist those that pursue this type of care in creating an accepting, encouraging and safe environment for their goals to be achieved. Means for accomplishing the vision includes many aspects as we explore the internal world of those desiring inner peace and calm. The anxiety and emotional/mental pain of today has some of its roots in the past. As those painful memories of the past find resolution there is greater energy and maturity to deal more healthily with present situations. Tools are provided to deal with present stressors as we work together to explore the links to the past.

Care is provided for individuals, couples, families, children three years and up. Issues addressed include depression, anxiety, phobias, interpersonal conflicts, work issues, grief, premarital counseling, marriage enhancement, communication skills, emotional instability, sexual addiction, childhood trauma, spirituality, forgiveness and shame, renewing love of self, re-connecting with God.

Life is full of joys and sorrows. At different points of our journey on this planet we can become overwhelmed with the degree and intensity of those sorrows and challenges. This is when we need a helping hand, a place to process the difficult experiences to be able to deal more effectively and maturely with what life hands us. At Rock of Hope Counseling these very real issues are cared for and addressed in order that the individual will feel a more solid foundation to deal with life.

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